We want to create growth and opportunity by providing artistic professionals with a viable career within a team culture.




TEAM - We are a family.

We value teamwork and relationships. We strive to build a deep connection with our guests. We believe that people are for appreciating. Our supportive and nurturing culture communicates love, commitment and comfort.


OPPORTUNITY - We are a culture of growth.

We value contribution, participation and curiosity. We believe that life, love and work inspire a hunger for every diverse and creative adventure available. Our innovative and inspiring workplace enhances team members' individual strengths and encourages them to pursue a career path they love.


BUSINESS - Our success is your success.

We value productivity and performance. We believe our business must provide financial success to team members who sustain a high level of great satisfaction and contribute to our reputation as being the best at what we do.


PASSION - We are artists.

We value our craft. We believe in driving our creative energies to continually reinvent the work we present and the service we deliver. Our enthusiasm produces experiences that delight our guests and exceed their expectations.


EDUCATION - We are lifelong learners.

We value the magic that lies in the heart and mind of each student who thirsts for knowledge. We believe in success encouraged through dedicated personal coaching and ongoing formal training. Our continuous evolution expands us artistically, creatively, spiritually, intellectually and financially.